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Provident Amaya Plots is the coming real estate development project of the famous Provident Housing Group, which is creating a buzz. It is not just a housing project; It's a picture that you can paint on your dream home and it will change the way you live in the peaceful land of Thirumazhisai. Chennai, South India's bustling metropolis, is known for its rich cultural heritage, economic growth and ever-expanding real estate scene.

Thirumazhisai, located in west Chennai, is a rapidly developing area, offering the perfect blend of urban convenience and serene environment. With its strategic location, Thirumazhisai has become a sought-after destination for buyers and investors. One of the great advantages of this locality is its excellent connectivity. It has seamless access to various parts of Chennai through well-connected roads such as Poonamallee Expressway and Outer Ring Road. The Chennai Ring Road project further improves Thirumazhisai's accessibility quotient, making it even more attractive.

Provident Housing Group is known for providing high-quality amenities, and Provident Amaya Plots follows suit. The project is designed to improve your quality of life with a variety of devices that meet different needs. Immerse yourself in the beauty of landscaped gardens, lead an active lifestyle with jogging paths and relax in the fully equipped clubhouse. Swimming pool, children's playground and sports facilities promise to bring fun and relaxation to every member of the family. From working out at the gym to spending quality time outdoors in lush surroundings, this development has something for everyone!

Provident Amaya Plots offers a rare opportunity to shape your living space according to your vision. With multiple lots available, varying in size to suit different preferences, this project gives you the creative freedom to design the home you've always imagined. Whether you want to build a cozy home or a spacious villa, these plots of land will be the ideal basis to turn your dreams into reality. Additionally, each plot is carefully designed and developed, keeping in mind the need for privacy and abundant natural light. The layout ensures maximum ventilation and allows residents to enjoy their private outdoor space.

Investing in Provident Amaya plots of land can bring countless benefits to both those looking to build their dream home and those looking for profitable investment opportunities. Here are some compelling reasons why these plots are worth considering. The real estate market in Chennai continues to appreciate, becoming a magnet for real estate investors. Provident Amaya Plots offers an exceptional opportunity to invest in a thriving area while enjoying a quiet, high-quality lifestyle.

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Plots Upcoming On Request

Provident Amaya Plots Amenities

In the real estate sector,Provident Amaya Plots, is quickly establishing itself as a symbol of contemporary living combining modernity and natural beauty in the peaceful Thirumazhisai area of ​​Chennai. While the spacious lots and prime location are certainly noteworthy, what truly sets this project apart is its outstanding amenities. Provident Amaya Plots offers exceptional living experiences that appeal to both the heart and mind. Let's take a deeper look at these remarkable devices. This is an opportunity to adopt a lifestyle that is not only comfortable but truly exceptional.

Clubhouse: It has a spacious and meticulously designed clubhouse that forms the heart of the community. This multi-functional space is not only a social gathering place but also a place for exercise and entertainment.

Swimming Pool: A sparkling swimming pool is the epitome of relaxation and entertainment. At Provident Amaya Plots, the pool area is designed so residents can relax, exercise or spend quality time with loved ones.

Fitness Center: For those with an active lifestyle, the fitness center at Provident Amaya Plots is a blessing. It is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and free weights, allowing residents to maintain an exercise routine without needing a gym membership.

Children's Play Area: Families with children will appreciate the dedicated on-site play area. It is designed to keep younger members of the community engaged and entertained. Parents can rest assured knowing their children have a safe, enjoyable space to explore and make friends.

Landscaped Gardens: One of the notable features of Provident Amaya Plots is its lush landscaped gardens. These meticulously maintained green spaces provide a peaceful environment where residents can leisurely stroll, read or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a place to connect with the outside and find peace within.

24/7 Security: Security is paramount and Provident Amaya Plots prioritizes this with a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. 24/7 security staff, CCTV monitoring and gated community setting ensure residents and their properties are well protected.

Power Backup: Power outages can disrupt daily life, but Provident Amaya Plots solves this problem. Equipping a powerful backup power system ensures residents can continue their daily activities, even in the event of a power outage.

Provident Amaya Plots Master Plan & Floor Plan

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Thirumazhisai, Chennai, the vibrant capital of Tamil Nadu, is known for its rich cultural heritage, economic growth and vibrant city life. Amid urban sprawl and bustling neighborhoods, Thirumazhisai stands out as a hidden gem, offering a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This article delves into the unique charm and appeal of Thirumazhisai, Chennai's peaceful oasis. It is located close to key roads including the Chennai-Bangalore Highway (NH4), providing seamless connectivity to central Chennai and beyond. This prime location makes Thirumazhisai ideal for those seeking the tranquility of suburban life while still being within easy reach of city amenities. One of the most striking features of Thirumazhisai is its lush green surroundings. This area is full of open spaces, parks and gardens, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The real estate market in Thirumazhisai is on an upward trend, becoming an attractive prospect for real estate investors. As the area continues to grow, real estate values ​​are expected to soar, providing promising returns on investment.

Why Choose Provident Amaya Plots Chennai?

Provident Amaya's plots of land in Thirumazhisai, Chennai, are more than just plots of land; they are the foundation of a lifestyle that combines modernity, convenience and serenity. Choosing Provident's Amaya Lot means choosing the countless benefits that make it the optimal choice for your dream home. Here's why you should choose the Amaya Backup Plot:

Excellent Connectivity: Provident Amaya's plots have excellent connectivity to key areas of Chennai. Thirumazhisai's strategic location, close to major roads such as the Chennai-Bangalore Expressway (NH4), gives you easy access to the city centre, IT hubs and other essential destinations. This connectivity allows you to enjoy suburban tranquility without compromising urban accessibility.

Strategic Location: Thirumazhisai's location is the perfect combination of serenity and convenience. It offers a peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being well connected to its amenities. The lush surroundings and tree-lined streets offer a refreshing change from the urban landscape.

Recreational Delights: Amaya's providential lands are not just plots of land; they offer a complete lifestyle. The project includes a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, children's play area and landscape garden. These recreational facilities allow residents to relax, get active and spend quality time with family without leaving the community.

Educational Hub: Thirumazhisai has become an educational hub with several reputed schools, colleges and coaching centers. Families with children will find quality education at their fingertips, eliminating long commutes and ensuring a smooth learning journey for their children.

Future Growth Potential: Choosing the providential Amaya Plot is not just a decision for today; It's a smart investment for tomorrow. Thirumazhisai is poised for future growth with a booming real estate scene and continued infrastructure development. This promises appreciation in asset value, making them an attractive long-term investment.

Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare is an important aspect of daily life and Thirumazhisai offers reliable healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics. Residents can easily access premium medical services, ensuring health and peace of mind.

In summary, Thirumazhisai, Chennai's thriving suburb, offers a harmonious living experience with its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and modern amenities. Whether you are a working professional seeking a convenient lifestyle or a family in search of a peaceful haven, Soukya Road, WhiteField presents the perfect setting to build a happy and fulfilling life.



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Provident Housing is a renowned real estate developer committed to providing affordable and quality homes to individuals and families. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Provident Housing has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. Their projects are known for their excellent craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and attention to detail. Whether it's apartments, villas, or plotted developments, Provident Housing strives to create homes that cater to the needs and aspirations of homebuyers. With a strong emphasis on affordability without compromising on quality, Provident Housing has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers, making it a preferred choice for those seeking their dream home.

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- Ans: Provident Amaya Plots offers a range of amenities including landscaped gardens, fitness centres, swimming pools, sports facilities, and convenient access to retail shops and commercial spaces.
- The upcoming of Provident Amaya Plots is planned soon.
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- Provident Housing understands the financial aspect of purchasing a home and collaborates with reputed banks and financial institutions to provide home loan options and assistance to eligible buyers, making the home buying process more convenient and accessible.

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